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Many MG TD Parts are available from LBCarCo (Little British Car Company).

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MGTD Parts...
I've been asked on many occasions about where to obtain parts. See the link below to find currently available MGTD parts.

[New MGTD Parts Listings]

Current Status...

The chassis has its engine, gearbox and running gear refurbished and fitted. The engine has everything but its fuel pump fitted and has been running.

Current Status Tub.....
The body tub has been repaired, blasted and painted. In this picture is only resting in place, waiting for sealing to the scuttle front and bolting down.
(Click on the picture to enlarge)
The colour is the original Almond Green. The car was painted over red at sometime, then the red faded to brown with age and storage.
(Click on the picture to enlarge)
Scuttle Scuttle.....
Inside the scuttle and under the running board rubbers was green. In 1950 there was only a choice of Black, MG Red or Almond Green. Seemed like the right thing to do to return it to its original colour.
doors have had to be altered to fit at the same time as replacing a few bits of Ash.
(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Who am I?
I am restoring the MG TD and making the photographic record public. This is a spare time activity and is just a bit of fun. The restoration is something I have long since wanted to do and I needed the challenge. I do much of the work myself and take the car and parts to specialists for all the hard bits, as you will see.

Commercial Interest?
There is none - although I buy and sell cars and parts for fun and to help pay for this restoration. This car has already cost more than most TD's generally sell for. I will have put in several hundred hours, at no cost and without overhead..

Why the site?
The site is just a bit of fun. I realised the necessity of keeping a good photographic record. I have a digital camera and it seemed logical to make it public. My Son, Simon has done the hard part of setting up the site.

Why a TD?
I searched for any T Type MG and finished up with this one from New York. See the history pages for more detail on this. The T Types are all great looking cars, simply constructed and all the parts are readily available. Have a look at the "Supplies and Services" pages.

How did I find it?
From the MG Enthusiasts ads on http://www.mgcars.org.uk/class/USACFS.html. I sent a Container over and it came back full of bits. See the History and Supplies and Services pages.

Comments & Feedback
Thanks to Adrian Walker for mailing this picture and a very complimentary email.
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