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The car was made in 1950 for export to the USA. Chassis Number TD 5057 EXLU with engine XPAG TD LHX 5445.

Colin's MG TD (Chassis Number)The documentation shows it was registered in January 1978 by Willard R Stewart of Ellsworth in Maine with license plate 771-000.

It was dismantled in 1980 by a man in Syracuse, New York, who intended to rebuild it.

The car was sold by Carl Hensley of Sommerset County, in November 1981 to Russell R Rhea of Oneon in New York.

When it was dismantled, it was stored mostly in someone's house, that is Basement, Loft, Garage and a few bits in the Living Room. In early 1999, it was sold to Geoff Wheatley of Clinton in New York. In August 1999, Geoff sold me the car, as a rolling chassis with all its loose parts.I shipped it back to the UK and am restoring it as you can see.

Colin's MG TD (Engine Number)We think chassis number 5057 was made in December 1950. This is based on the information contained in a book by Anders Ditlev Clausager, called 'The Original MG T Series'.

Anders was the Archivist at the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust. The book shows there were 98 cars made in 1949 and 4,767 cars made in 1950. The works phone number ended 250 and all MG chassis numbers started 0251. Therefore chassis number 0251 to 0349 must have been made in 1949. 1950 had 0350 to 5117. This one was only 60 cars from the year end, in a year when they averaged nearly 400 cars a month. December 1950 is a safe bet for its birthday. This is with no additions for my shoe size.

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